How to Use Kindle3

1. To use WiFi – Go to the Kindle Home Page, then open ‘Menu’ and click ‘Settings’. Go to ‘WiFi Settings’, then select ‘View’. A command box will show you the WiFi networks available. Choose the network you are going to access. Supply details, such as your security code or password, if asked
2. To put the Kindle 3 into sleep mode – Simply slide the power switch found at the bottom of the device to put it into sleep. Do the same if you want to wake it from sleep mode
3. To type in numbers – The Kindle 3 doesn’t have a numbers row anymore. If you want to key in numbers, you have to open the symbol key then use the 5-way controller to find the specific number you want to use. However, there’s a much faster way of typing in a number: simply press Alt-a letter on the QWERTY row. For instance, Atl+Q gives you 1, ALT+W=2, Alt+E = 3, and so on and so forth
4. To bookmark a page – The shortcut key is Alt-B. Alternatively, you can position the cursor on the page, then double press the 5-way controller
5. To highlight a text – Bring the cursor to where you want to start highlighting the text. Press the 5-way controller once, then release; this locks the starting point of your highlight. Use the 5-way controller to move the cursor and select the text. When you reach the end of the text you want to highlight, press and release the 5-way controller again
6. To add notes – Position the cursor. Use the keyboard to type the notes you want to add
7. To delete all the notes you typed – Press Alt-Del
8. To skip to a chapter – In books where jumping by chapter or section is set up, you can skip a chapter forward or backward using the 5-way controller
If moving by ‘Table of Contents’ is enabled, you can use this as the default menu for choosing the section you want to jump to
9. Sharing highlighted book passages – Position the cursor on a note or highlight. Press Alt-Enter to share it to Facebook and Twitter friends
10. To play background music – Press Alt-Spacebar
11. To proceed to the next track – Press Alt-F
12. To load photos to your Kindle from your PC – Plug your Kindle 3 to your PC using the USB cable. Go to the main folder of your reading device; create a new folder and label it ‘Pictures’. If you want, you can also create sub-folders to make your photo collection more organized. Copy and drag the pictures from your PC to the desired sub-folder
13. Search and Indexing - Immediately after adding books to your Kindle you will notice that the battery meter drops very quickly. This is because after your books have been added to the Kindle, it will start indexing the text inside all the books. This is useful when you want to use the search feature. To check if the indexing has completed, search for a random word (e.g. “qwerty”) and you will see the number of items that are yet to be indexed
14. To take screenshots on the Kindle simply hold the buttons “Alt + Shift + G” and the screen will flash momentarily. To retrieve your screenshots browse to the root directory of your Kindle and navigate to the “documents” folder. This folder contains all your saved books and the screenshots will be saved as GIF files


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