Getting the Sex You Want

Getting the Sex You Want: Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together [Kindle Edition] - Tammy Nelson (Author)

A proven couples counseling method applied to sex for the very first time.

Communication problems can erode a relationship in and out of the bedroom. This guide takes a proven communication method, which has been used to counsel millions of couples, and applies it to sex for the very first time. The Imago Relationship Therapy, which was pioneered by Harville Hendrix in the national bestseller and self-help classic Getting the Love You Want, shows readers how to understand and build trust with their partners through a unique form of dialogue.

Getting the Sex You Want teaches readers how to build sexual communication skills quickly and connect with their partner in a new way. Readers learn exercises that enable them to communicate their sexual needs and desires, get past old issues, and revive passion in their relationship.

Review By Gina Ogden
Here is a book I'll recommend to any couple who feels ready to experience a more loving and passionate sexual relationship. Tammy Nelson is an Imago therapist and teacher with two decades of clinical practice. Her skills shine forth not only in the information she offers here, but also in the helpful way the book is organized, with step by step techniques for helping couples recharge their relationships in a variety of situations.

Topics include help for stale-mated partners who "keep score" and for those who "fake it." She offers exercises to deal with the fear, anxiety, control, anger, and resentment that too many couples take to bed with them, and shows ways to express love, trust, appreciation, sensuality, and lusty desire. Other topics include explicit guidance for sexual intimacy that range from massage and genital stimulation to creating sexual rituals. The book concludes with a section on tolerating ecstasy and joy--a problem many people have in our fast-track culture.

If you are a therapist who works with couples--you'll find this book a wonderful resource for you as well as your clients. It spans the divide between couple therapy and sex therapy in a way that guides and educates in a straightforward, collegial manner.

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  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Quiver (April 1, 2008)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
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Ask the Right Questions Hire the Best People

Ask the Right Questions Hire the Best People [Kindle Edition]
Ronald W. Fry (Author)

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Ask the Right Questions Hire the Best People"So, tell me about yourself." Have you ever been fired?" What are your salary requirements?" These are just three of the questions you might think you have to ask when you're interviewing a potential new hire. Maybe they're the questions you dreaded when you were on the other side of the desk. But are they the questions that will identify the best candidate for the job? Whether you're replacing an employee who's leaving or creating a new position in your organization, Ron Fry shows you how to write a concise and accurate job description, then how to translate it into a realistic set of search criteria.

To find more titles in your Large Print or Super Large Print format, Search in Books using EasyRead and the size of the font that makes reading easier and more enjoyable for you.
About the Author
Ron Fry has written more than 40 books, including the best-selling 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions and 101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview. He is a frequent speaker and seminar leader on a variety of job-search and hiring topics.

Product Details
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 218 pages
  • Publisher: Career Press; Revised edition (October 15, 2006)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English

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    Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device

    Buy From Amazon
    Amazon's latest refresh of its popular Kindle eBook reader is leaner, meaner, and now less than $200. For just $189, the Kindle 3G offers improved battery life, display technology, and can connect over Wi-Fi as well as 3G. In almost every way, Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology is an improvement over the previous generation, with a few minor exceptions. Regardless, bookworms will find the Kindle 3G to be one of the best eReaders on the market.


    Aside from the graphite paint job, Amazon also brought some significant design changes in the Kindle 3G. Overall, this new generation is thinner and lighter and has a smaller footprint. At just 7.5 x 4.8 x 0.34 inches and 8.7 ounces (compared to 8.0 x 5.3 x 0.36 inches and 10.2 ounces for the previous model ), it's almost as small and light as the Kobo Reader. The Kindle shares one other similarity to the Kobo: The back of the device, which used to be metallic, now has a soft-touch coating.
    In making the unit thinner, it looks like Amazon had to shuffle some internal components around. Now the On/Sleep/Off slider is on the bottom--less convenient, but only a minor annoyance--along with the microUSB port, headphone jack, and volume toggle. The buttons on the sides and lower portion of the device's face are more streamlined and, in some cases, smaller.
    The page turn buttons are one of the more obvious changes, being only 0.16 inches thick instead of the 0.4-inch thickness on the Kindle 2. We had feared that the narrower buttons would affect ease of use, but all four are easy to press, yet firm, making for good feedback and a sturdy feel. There are now both Next and Previous Page buttons on both sides, so both left and right-handed readers can use their dominant hand. Plus, the Next Page buttons remain the same length as before, allowing users to rest their thumbs comfortably on them no matter what size hand they have. We had no trouble keeping our thumb in place and our eyes on the display as we read.The joystick of Kindles past has been replaced with a directional pad that sits next to the keyboard instead of under the page turn buttons on the right side. We're not fans of this change, as the arrow keys here are very narrow, and occasionally caused us to accidentally hit the Menu and Back buttons, which have moved down to the keyboard area along with Home.The keyboard remains usable, but we're not sure why Amazon got rid of the number row. To access numbers, users have to press the SYM button, then use the D-pad to select. When entering Wi-Fi passwords or location numbers in books, this quickly becomes tedious.

    Display and Reading Experience

    Amazon claims that the e-Ink screen on the Kindle 3G has 50 percent more contrast than the previous generation. Comparing the two side by side, text on the 3G is darker, which makes reading easier. Images benefit from this improvement as well: The cover for N. K. Jemisin's "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" is crisper on the 3G, and slightly more detail is visible. The greater contrast also makes reading outdoors easier and more pleasurable.
    Users have more control over how the text looks on screen. As before, there are eight font sizes to choose from, but now you can also choose between three typefaces: regular, condensed, and sans serif. Users can also fit more text on a page by shortening the space between words, as well as condensing the amount of space between the lines. We would have appreciated an option that allowed us to increase the space at least one notch as well. There's no built-in accelerometer as with the Kindle DX, but you can manually change the screen orientation in all four directions.
    Page turns on the 3G are a hair faster than the Kindle 2, coming in at just under a second.
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    Free e-books from Project Gutenberg

    If you are looking for free e-books, Project Gutenberg ( has over 30,000 books that are available for free. These are not lame, "self-published" books, these are all "real" titles that are older and no longer under copyright restrictions. If you like the classics, you are sure to find many titles here that you will enjoy.

     The books come in the ePub format, so they can be read on most computers, the iPad, the Kindle, the Sony Reader, and even a bunch of mobile phones.
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    How to custom screensavers to the Kindle 1

    It's rather long, but I'll try to go step by step. Here it is:

    • Connect your Kindle 1 to your computer by USB.
    • Go to the drive by the name of "Kindle" under "My computer".
    • Once there, create a new folder called "pictures" and a sub-folder called "screen_savers" inside of it.
    • Copy all your desired image files to the "screen_savers" folder.
    • Remove the Kindle from the USB connection.
    • Now, go to your Home menu at the Kindle and press "alt-z". By doing this, you'll be creating a book called "screen_savers".
    • Now you can open up this book and you'll be able to see all your images inside.
    • If you're still not on full screen mode, press "alt-F".
    • Go to each one of your photos and click "alt-shift-0(zero)". You'll see a message saying that your image has been exported as a screen saver or something similar.
    That's it! Now you can see if it worked by going in and out of sleep mode (with "Alt-aA"). It should appear a different image as screen saver every time. Now you've got your own customized screensaver for your Kindle 1.
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    How to take care of the Kindle Devices

    There are some steps you can take to arrange your kindle is long lasting and safe throughout your years of use. It is important you take care of your kindle as it is a great investment for your future and does not come cheap.

    first, purchasing your kindle is purchase an extended warranty on top of the basic warranty already included with your kindle. What is especially nice about this is that you will be afforded one accidental damage repair, such as if you drop your kindle in water or step on it by mistake. The extra price for the extended warranty is worth it in the long run.

    Next step to protect your kindle is purchase a kindle cover. You can find sites all over the net that specialize in creating fun and unique covers for your kindle, such as the famous Oberon covers. There are also sites that allow you to create your own design. Some kindle users also find skins to be helpful in reducing scratches. However, be aware that skins are mainly for aesthetic purposes and offer very little protection, especially compared to a kindle cover.

    The most common step you can do in order to take care of your kindle is to take care of the battery. Although the battery life of a kindle is great, readers still find themselves running out of battery after hours upon hours of addicted reading. Turn off your wireless internet while reading to save the most battery life. Between reading sessions, you'll want to use the screen saver method for shorter periods and turn it off completely between longer ones.

    Do not wait until the battery charge gets to 0%. The lowest recommended battery charge is 20%.  You can recharge your battery everyday. There is no risk of shortening the battery's life this way. Related to the previous tip: You should not, however, recharge your battery to 100% everyday. A top of 80% of the charge is recommended. The ideal temperature for the battery is slightly cool ( not extremely cold or extremely hot).
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    Watchlist [Kindle Edition]

    Watchlist [Kindle Edition]
    Jeffery Deaver (Author)

    Watchlist is a unique collaboration by twenty-one of the world’s greatest thriller writers including Lee Child, Joseph Finder, David Hewson, S.J. Rozan, Lisa Scottoline, and Jeffery Deaver, who conceived the characters and set the plot in motion; In turn, the other authors each wrote a chapter and Deaver then completed what he started, bringing each novel to its startling conclusion.

    Harold Middleton, former crimes of war investigator takes the reader on a non-stop journey around the world in both story lines. The first novella he is on the hunt and then hunted for a never before seen Chopin manuscript. But is there a secret in this never before seen composition? In the second novella, once again Harold Middleton brings us to faraway lands in search of the "Scorpion" and what is the secret of "The Copper Bracelet"? A thriller with brilliant writing that takes the reader on a journey to faraway places spanning the globe, taking the reader into the world of espionage and terrorism. Incredible concept.
    Fans of the TV series 24 will best appreciate this two-part serial thriller written by 22 members of International Thriller Writers. Based on an idea by Deaver (The Broken Window), who provides the opening and closing chapters of each segment, the volume recounts the adventures of middle-aged Harold Middleton, an ex-U.S. military intelligence officer. In part one, The Chopin Manuscript, the discovery of a previously unknown Chopin score leads to murders, betrayals, and frantic efforts to stop a villain code-named Faust from carrying out a terrorist outrage. Part two, The Copper Bracelet, sets Middleton and his allies on the track of a Kashmiri planning the assassination of the U.S. secretary of state. While the contributors include many of the biggest names in the genre (Lee Child, Joseph Finder, Gayle Lynds, S.J. Rozan, etc.), the constraints of the form all but assure homogenized prose, thin characters, and stock action scenes atypical of their solo work. (Jan.)

    Books written by groups of writers are not new. The most famous probably remains the scandalous Naked Came the Stranger (1969), published pseudonymously by Penelope Ashe but written by a group of newspaper reporters. This one is a thriller—two short novels, really, featuring Harold Middleton, a former military intelligence officer and war-crimes investigator who gets embroiled in international intrigue and derring-do. Jeffery Deaver came up with the basic plots and wrote each story’s opening and closing chapters, while various other writers (Joseph Finder, Erica Spindler, and Lee Child, among them) contributed a chapter. The result is exciting and fast paced (Middleton foils a couple of evil plots while battling some nasty people), and the format gives readers a unique opportunity to watch a story evolving before their eyes, as each writer begins where the previous one left off and adds something new to the mix. Considering that each contributor has his or her own distinct voice, the novel flows surprisingly well, too. Not merely a literary experiment, but a very good thriller in its own right.

    Product Details
    • Format: Kindle Edition
    • File Size: 689 KB
    • Print Length: 416 pages
    • Publisher: CDS/Vanguard Press (January 4, 2010)
    • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
    • Language: English

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      Kindle Leather Cover, Black (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle) by Amazon

      Color: Black, Burnt Orange, Chocolate Brown, Hot Pink, Steel Blue, Apple Green, Burgundy Red
      Amazon Price: $34.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

      Kindle Leather Cover, Black (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle) offers optimal protection for your Kindle. Contoured, pebble-grain leather keeps your Kindle safe and secure, while the soft, charcoal-gray, microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches.
      Lightweight, this cover is perfect for taking Kindle wherever you go, and is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

      Kindle Leather Cover, Black (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle) details
      • Stylish genuine leather exterior available in 7 different colors
      • Soft, gray, microfiber suede interior protects Kindle
      • Patent-pending hinge and external strap keep Kindle securely in place
      • Lightweight, allowing you to read comfortably for extended periods of time

      Secure Your Kindle 
      Our patent-pending hinge system secures Kindle in place. An elastic strap keeps the cover firmly closed for maximum screen protection. Simply attach Kindle to the hinge, apply the strap, and rest assured it will stay securely in place even when you're on the go.

      Read Comfortably with One Hand 
      Reading with the cover on, you can easily access Kindle's navigation features and power switch, while the rounded edges offer a perfect fit in your hands. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

      On the Go 
      This lightweight, compact cover is perfect for taking Kindle wherever you go. The sleek leather ensures the ultimate fit and protection, without adding bulk or weight.
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      how to get Kindle books for free

      Free classics and out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books, as well as limited-time free promotional ebooks available for Kindle

      With over 750,000 titles, the Kindle Store contains the largest selection of the ebooks people want to read including New York Times® Best Sellers and most new releases from $9.99. And Amazon provides limited time promotional offers and thousands of the most popular classics for free with wireless delivery in under 60 seconds to your Kindle, computer, or other mobile device.

      But of course, the Internet is huge and there are lots of older, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books online. We wanted to make it easier to find these collections, which today represent nearly 2 million titles. See the sites and instructions below to download free classic and other out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books and transfer via USB to your Kindle device or read on Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.
      Note that these large collections of older free ebooks are typically created from scanned copies of physical books and can have variable quality.

      Kindle Store - Limited-time offers and thousands of popular classics

      The Amazon Kindle Store lets you choose from limited-time promotional offers and thousands of the most popular classics all available for free with wireless delivery in under 60 seconds via Whispernet.

      2. Browse for a title just like a normal Kindle ebook.

      Internet Archive - Over 2.5 million free titles

      Internet Archive is a non-profit dedicated to offering permanent access to historical collections that exist in digital format. Provides over 2.5 million free ebooks to read, download, and enjoy.

      1. Visit
      2. Search for a title or browse one of the sub-collections like American Libraries
      3. When viewing a title, click the link on the left labeled "Kindle (beta)" to download the file to your computer.
      4. Attach your Kindle to your computer using your USB cable and drag the file to the "Documents" folder on your Kindle. You can also e-mail the file to your Kindle using Whispernet for wireless delivery (charges apply)
      5. Open the ebook from your Kindle's home screen and enjoy.

      Open Library - Over 1 million free titles

      Open Library's goal is to provide a page on the web for every book ever published.

      2. Search for a title and make sure to check the 'Only show eBooks' checkbox.
      3. When viewing a title, click the 'Send to Kindle' link next to the edition in which you're interested.
      4. You will be directed to to choose a device for wireless delivery using the Kindle Personal Document Service (charges apply)
      5. Open the ebook from your Kindle's home screen and enjoy.

      Project Gutenberg - Over 30,000 free titles

      Project Gutenberg, one of the original sources of free ebooks, is dedicated to the creation and distribution of eBooks.

      2. Search for a title or browse the book shelves by topic

      3. When viewing a title, scroll down to the 'Download this ebook for free' section and click the download link for 'Mobipocket' or 'Mobipocket with images' format.

      4. Attach your Kindle to your computer using your USB cable and drag the file to the "Documents" folder on your Kindle. You can also e-mail the file to your Kindle using Whispernet for wireless delivery (charges apply)

      5. Open the ebook from your Kindle's home screen and enjoy. - Over 26,000 free titles provides free ebooks as a service to the Internet community at large.

      2. Search for a title or browse by genre
      3. When viewing a title, choose the "Kindle (.azw)" option on the right hand side and click the 'Download' button.
      4. Attach your Kindle to your computer using your USB cable and drag the file to the "Documents" folder on your Kindle. You can also e-mail the file to your Kindle using Whispernet for wireless delivery (charges apply)
      5. Open the ebook from your Kindle's home screen and enjoy.
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