Millies Fling

Millies Fling [Kindle Edition] - Jill Mansell (Author)

Millie's Fling is a super cute and wicked funny book and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading it. (Night Owl Romance 20090828)

Readers will find a charming romp in Jill Mansell's Millie's Fling. (BookPage 20090831)

Mansell is a very talented writer who definitely tapped into the issues of love, work, friendship and moving on. I actually laughed out loud at several points in the book and closed it with a grin on my face. (Meg Snider Write Meg 20090901)

Fans of chick lit - if you haven't read Mansell yet - what are you waiting for!? (Luanne Olliver A Bookworm's World 20090901)

Ms. Mansell creates such likable and heartwarming characters (like Millie and Orla) that the reader can't help but root for them. (Julie Peterson Booking Mama 20090902)

[A]nother cute story by Jill Mansell. (Andrea Mason So Many Books, So Little Time Blog 20090908)

Mansell has a gift for writing charming characters - most so quirky that you can't help but love them. (Jill Hart Blog Critics 20090910)

It was cute and it played out well. I will definitely look forward to more of Jill Mansell's novels. (Ashley Lee Bellas Novellas 20090911)

Millie's Fling is a feel-good book for chick lit fans or readers looking for a light and funny novel packed with memorable characters. (Anna Horner Diary of an Eccentric 20090911)

I definitely recommend this book for some light, fun reading! (Swapna Krishna S. Krishna's Books 20090915)

Jill Mansell has surpassed herself once again in Millie's Fling. Chicklit and women's fiction readers will enjoy this spontaneous journey in Cornwall, England. (Serena Agusto-Cox Savvy Verse & Wit 20090914)

If you are looking for good chick-lit, you can do yourself a favour and pick up one of Jill Mansell's books. (Marg Bates Reading Adventures 20090914)

An absolute delight! (Wendy Hines Wendy's Minding Spot 20090917)

Millie's Fling is funny and witty and transports readers to the English countryside. This is one of Mansell's best. (Joan Burton 20090921)

Of course, we get our happy-ever-after, but we get SO MUCH more along the way in MILLIE'S FLING. (Camellia The Long and Short of It 20090921)

Jill Mansell never fails to delight me with her books. Her characters are always warm and far from perfect - which makes them so lovable! (Kristi Herbrand Books and Needlpoint 20100114)

Millie's Fling is altogether a delightful read about love, love gone wrong, sex, and romance, and the complications those combinations bring. (Mary Popham ForeWord )

Millie's Fling is a delightful way to spend an afternoon, a feel-good Brit chick lit novel, light and funny, and packed with memorable characters. (Lanine Bradley San Francisco Book Review )
He's the best thing that ever happened to her. He's also the worst. He's Millie's Fling.
From one of the premiere contemporary authors in the UK, here is a fun and romantic tale that proves the road to matchmaking hilarity is paved with good intentions.
Bestselling novelist Orla Hart owes her life to her friend Millie Brady, whose rotten boyfriend has just left her. So Orla invites Millie to Cornwall, where Millie looks forward to a summer without any dating whatsoever. But Orla envisions Millie as the heroine of her next novel and decides to find Millie the man of her dreams. Except the two women have drastically different ideas about what kind of guy that should be.
With Orla and Millie working at cross-purposes, and a dashing but bewildered hero stuck in the middle, the summer will turn out to be unforgettable for all concerned...
Pick this up at your peril: you won't get a thing done till it's finished."
Heat magazine
"Classy chick-lit that appeals to women of all ages. She [Jill Mansell] has a fantastic ability to keep a number of storylines running at the same time without losing the reader in a labyrinth."
Daily Express
"Slick, sexy, funny stories."
Daily Telegraph
"A romantic romp full of larger-than-life characters."
"Fast, furious and fabulous fun. To read it is to devour it."
" Expect to run the gamut of emotions, as this book is both laugh-outloud funny and tear-jerkingly sad. Basically, you won't put it down."
New Woman
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The Branding

The Branding [Kindle Edition] - Micaela Wendell (Author)
Morwen Aleacim, an elfin teen in the village of Aren, has always heard rumors of evil lurking in the great forests of the kingdom, where children vanish. Her own father disappeared into those forests, and Morwen is determined to find him. So she is secretly training to be a warrior-against the strict rules of decorum for girls-with the help of Armando, an aging human swordsman. 
When Brynn, Morwen's own baby sister, vanishes, Morwen tracks her to the horrifying lair of Tobias, an inhuman Dark Wizard. There she strikes a deal with him-her service in return for Brynn's freedom. He accepts. She'll go free along with Brynn for now, but is bound to him as his apprentice. To her horror, Tobias brands her-not with a fiery mark, but with a spell that will slowly transform her human body into a grotesque creature and her spirit into an obedient slave. When the transformation is complete she'll have no choice but to return to him forever. Aided by Alan, a handsome elfin boy, who will soon have a dark challenge of his own, Morwen sets out to find a wizard who can lift the spell. It's a race against time as she struggles to free her mind, body, spirit and heart from a horrible fate.
Like all of the elves, teenage Morwen Aleacim knows that evil resides in the forests. She has heard the tales in her village of Aren that monsters who steal children lurk in the kingdom's shadows like nearby Silvia Forest. However, Morwen is more of a believer in the malevolence than most elves her age because her father Arthil and others in a search party vanished in the forests three years ago and have not been seen since. 
Although afraid, Morwen vows to enter the evil realm to find and rescue her dad. She needs to be a warrior but the elf creed disallows females to enter combat. Instead, Morwen trains in secret under the tutelage of the elderly human swordsman Armando. However, everything changes for her as she becomes even more determined when her six-elf year old sister Brynn disappears. Although not ready, Morwen follows the trail, which leads to Tobias the Dark Wizard. They make a deal in which her sibling is freed in exchange for her being his apprentice; their agreement is Branded in the fire of a spell that slowly changes her from a beautiful girl into a misshapen submissive slave. Alan the teen elf joins Morwen on her quest to break the spell of the evil Dark Wizard before she is called to serve the miscreant malevolence. 
This is a fabulous quest fantasy starring a resolute female who learns what happens when an elf bargains with a devil. The fast-paced story line is driven by the heroine who risks her life and much more to rescue her younger sister; for every elf knows once Branded it is impossible to remove the curse that Tobias got from his master Belial King of Sanguine. Harriet Klausner 
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Alice At Heart

Alice At Heart [Kindle Edition] - Deborah Smith (Author)
Reclusive, wary, and known locally as Odd Alice, orphaned Alice Riley has always known she was different; but it isn't until she saves a child from drowning by using her phenomenal underwater abilities and links minds with drowning salvage diver Griffin Randolf and saves him, too, that her half-sisters learn of her existence, and she discovers how special she and Griffin really are. Old secrets, revenge, and passion fuel this compelling, intricately plotted story of love, trust, and acceptance, which successfully straddles the line between romance and fantasy and should appeal to fans of both genres. Recalling Susan Krinard's werewolf romances, Smith's new work nicely sets the stage for her projected romantic fantasy series, "Water Lilies." Smith (On Bear Mountain) is a respected writer of romances and other types of fiction and lives in Dahlonega, GA. [This title is also available as an e-book in Adobe Acrobat and MS Reader formats from Ed.]
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Alice, an ugly duckling with webbed feet who never grew into a swan, is taking a frigid winter swim in Lake Riley, high in the Georgia Appalachians, when she has a vision of a drowning diver. She sends Griffin Randolph a mental message to breathe and establishes a telepathic link. At the same time a little girl falls into the icy lake on the opposite shore, and, amazingly enough, Alice is able to save her, but the rescue puts her unhappily in the spotlight and under suspicion. Then the three glamorous Bonavendier sisters of Sainte's Point Island show up at the awards ceremony and inform Alice that she's their father's posthumous daughter. When Alice arrives at the island, she discovers that she and Griffin have a mysterious bond, that a long-standing enmity separates his family and hers, and that the Bonavendiers' past includes a mermaid great-grandmother and accusations of piracy. Readers of Alice Hoffman will enjoy Smith's surprisingly convincing blend of romance and magical realism. Diana Tixier Herald
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Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales (Kindle Single) [Kindle Edition] - Stephen Tobolowsky , David Chen , Mark Crilley
Despite the occasional dramatic role, TV and film actor Stephen Tobolowsky (Glee, Groundhog Day) trades largely in humor, and no less so here. His Cautionary Tales--three personal narratives in the service of an armchair theory about what motivates human decision-making--bear all the charisma of his work on the small and silver screens. Superficially, these stories serve a light menu of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, but there's no need to approach with caution: they do so with the wholesome, folksy wisdom of NPR programming on a weekend afternoon. --Jason Kirk

Actor Stephen Tobolowsky has appeared in over 200 movies and television shows. He has played everyone from Ned Ryerson in "Groundhog Day" to Sandy Ryerson in "Glee." He has amused thousands with his true stories on "The Tobolowsky Files" at and iTunes. Here he shares some homespun philosophy and more true stories that prove tales of sex, drugs, and rock and roll are often the most humiliating and almost always the most enjoyable.

I've been a listener of The Tobolowsky Files podcast since the start. Dave Chen decided to branch off from the /Filmcast to do something entirely different and entirely unique, and where Dave Chen goes I follow. Amazingly, the show he produces immediately proved itself to be one of the best, most compelling and most original podcasts out there. Stephen Tobolowsky may be one of the ultimate "that guy" actors, but he has proven himself to be so much more.

Simple put, Stephen Tobolosky is the best storyteller I have ever heard. With each episode of The Tobolosky Files, Stephen makes me laugh and cry and ruminate on life's greatest mysteries and beauties. And luckily none of that great quality is lost in mere written word. Stephen's incredible voice comes through loud and clear in the pages of this, his first Kindle Single.

Cautionary Tales is a quick read, but it's a quick read filled with anything you could want from great writing. It's got charm and wit and pathos. It's funny and thought-provoking and inspiring. Beat of all, Cautionary Tales is a deeply human piece of writing. It speaks to the core of what drives us as people and it revels in finding the good even in the bad.

At $1.99, Cautionary Tales is an absolute steal. It's a very quick read, but it's worth absolutely every penny. If you are a fan of great stories told well and with great sense of the author's character I suggest you drop whatever you're doing, pay the two bucks and enjoy some quality time with Mr. Stephen Tobolowsky. I know I can't wait for more.  By Corey Atad

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No Fear

No Fear [Kindle Edition] - Allie Harrison (Author) 

Welcome to Medusa’s Island . . . a vacation paradise complete with beautiful beaches and the quaint town of Medusa. But the island’s serenity is shattered when two young women are found dead from no apparent causes despite their expressions of terror. Chief of Police James Winchester and Emma Gray fear a monster from the past has returned to make Medusa its feeding ground. With passion flaring between them and a storm isolating the island, Emma and James have no choice but to again face the horror of a killer who exploits the deepest fears of his victims.
When James and Emma discover that Emma is destined to be the next victim, will the love they share be strong enough to save them? Or will the monster finally finish what he started five years before?

You know what it's like when you finish a good book and you immediately want to call your best friend and tell her all about it? But you can't because you know she'll like it too, and you don't want to give away the best parts. That's the feeling I had while reading No Fear by Allie Harrison.

Adept at creating a mood, Harrison gets the hair raising on the back of your neck as she spins her tail of the creepy things happening on Medusa's Island. After the mysterious deaths of two young women, Chief of Police James Winchester begins to fear that the monster, possibly a vampire, that stalked the Island 5 years ago has returned. This stirs his protective nature for the woman who survived an attack back then.

Emma Gray has never been the same since her brush with death. She lives a sheltered life, afraid of the night, avoiding all but the closest of friends, haunted by the voice of her attacker. Though she knows James and should trust him, she is wary of even him if it means venturing out after dark.

Can she trust James to protect her? Should she?

Like a trusted friend leading you into a dark place you're not sure you want to go, Harrison takes you down unexpected pathways in this clever vampire tale. As James and Emma join forces to catch monster, tensions, both sensual and fear heighten. Harrison knows how to bring the goosebumps and when to make you squirm. Just like Emma, you'll want to trust James when maybe you shouldn't.

No Fear is a chilling mix of mood, mystery and suspense. I'd tell you more but I don't want to spoil it. You have to read it for yourself.

Review by Barbara S.

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Alone [Kindle Edition] Lisa Gardner (Author)

For 300-some pages, Gardner (The Perfect Husband) keeps readers spellbound—not just by her plot but by the beautifully realized character of Massachusetts police sniper Bobby Dodge. He meets his match in Catherine Gagnon, who as a girl was snatched, raped and nearly murdered. Now she's the wife of erratic, rich Jimmy Gagnon and mother of perpetually ill four-year-old Nathan. When Bobby kills Jimmy during a hostage situation at the Gagnons, he does it to save Catherine and Nathan. But was it a righteous shoot, or did Catherine engineer the killing? Judge James Gagnon and his wife, Maryanne, think Bobby murdered their son out of lust for Catherine. As other people start dying, very messily, and the DA and cops come down hard on Bobby, Gardner keeps the tension high and the pace fast. But resolution comes in what may be the clunkiest chase crafted by a pro this year: "Bobby processed everything at once. Three open doorways, three bedrooms. He ran by the first, then the second, and came sprinting into the third just in time to see Maryanne staggering back." Ten pages later, so many characters have run into so many rooms, it's amazing that the right person finally gets his head blown off by the right avenger. But Garner then ends with a neat postlude offering one more twist; her fans will feel requited.
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It was bad enough that Catherine Gagnon survived a horrible childhood abduction where for a month she lived in a cave and was the plaything for her sicko abductor. But now, 25 years later, she faces tragedy again as she fights to keep her son, Nathan. One chilly November night, a police sniper kills her husband, Jimmy, in response to her 911 call claiming he was about to hurt Nathan. Jimmy's death means that his parents, an influential judge and his blue-blooded wife, are more determined than ever to take Nathan from Catherine, whom they see as unfit to mother their only grandchild. True, the birth of Nathan mentally paralyzed Catherine, who could not get past the memories of her abduction and her emotionally absent parents. But is she really the monster the Gagnons and their PI make her out to be? Massachusetts state police special-ops officer Bobby Dodge, the sniper who took out Jimmy, doesn't think so, and unwittingly falls under the spell of the manipulative widow. A twisted, effective psychological thriller. Mary Frances Wilkens
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