How to take care of the Kindle Devices

There are some steps you can take to arrange your kindle is long lasting and safe throughout your years of use. It is important you take care of your kindle as it is a great investment for your future and does not come cheap.

first, purchasing your kindle is purchase an extended warranty on top of the basic warranty already included with your kindle. What is especially nice about this is that you will be afforded one accidental damage repair, such as if you drop your kindle in water or step on it by mistake. The extra price for the extended warranty is worth it in the long run.

Next step to protect your kindle is purchase a kindle cover. You can find sites all over the net that specialize in creating fun and unique covers for your kindle, such as the famous Oberon covers. There are also sites that allow you to create your own design. Some kindle users also find skins to be helpful in reducing scratches. However, be aware that skins are mainly for aesthetic purposes and offer very little protection, especially compared to a kindle cover.

The most common step you can do in order to take care of your kindle is to take care of the battery. Although the battery life of a kindle is great, readers still find themselves running out of battery after hours upon hours of addicted reading. Turn off your wireless internet while reading to save the most battery life. Between reading sessions, you'll want to use the screen saver method for shorter periods and turn it off completely between longer ones.

Do not wait until the battery charge gets to 0%. The lowest recommended battery charge is 20%.  You can recharge your battery everyday. There is no risk of shortening the battery's life this way. Related to the previous tip: You should not, however, recharge your battery to 100% everyday. A top of 80% of the charge is recommended. The ideal temperature for the battery is slightly cool ( not extremely cold or extremely hot).


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