How to custom screensavers to the Kindle 1

It's rather long, but I'll try to go step by step. Here it is:

  • Connect your Kindle 1 to your computer by USB.
  • Go to the drive by the name of "Kindle" under "My computer".
  • Once there, create a new folder called "pictures" and a sub-folder called "screen_savers" inside of it.
  • Copy all your desired image files to the "screen_savers" folder.
  • Remove the Kindle from the USB connection.
  • Now, go to your Home menu at the Kindle and press "alt-z". By doing this, you'll be creating a book called "screen_savers".
  • Now you can open up this book and you'll be able to see all your images inside.
  • If you're still not on full screen mode, press "alt-F".
  • Go to each one of your photos and click "alt-shift-0(zero)". You'll see a message saying that your image has been exported as a screen saver or something similar.
That's it! Now you can see if it worked by going in and out of sleep mode (with "Alt-aA"). It should appear a different image as screen saver every time. Now you've got your own customized screensaver for your Kindle 1.


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