Free Kindle Books

Well, that's it, you could not resist the e-book from Amazon: The Kindle!

Only problem, although Amazon has no fewer than 360,000 books on its site compatible, it becomes quickly ruin as most are free (normal what ...)

So here are several methods to retrieve gratos books for the Kindle (mostly in English)! And at the end of this article, I will also explain how to read books for the Kindle without the Kindle (yeah it's possible, so as to give pleasure)

First method: tracking down books in EPUB format. Indeed, this standard is what is most widespread in terms of book Electone. You'll find them on sites like:

By cons, they are not directly compatible Kindle (that would be too simple). Therefore the ePub format convert to the format of the Kindle. For this I recommend the Stanza application that does this very well. (Which is provided by Amazon). For info, Stanza will also convert PDFs, Office documents (Word and Co)
and of course HTML pages in Kindle format ... it's always good to know.

Another method to obtain this kind of book: Digging on the Amazon site that offers continuously hundreds of free books. To do this, you will need as Lorent Deutch, impersonate an American! Login to your profile and your account, click on "Manage Your Kindle" and change the country associated to it
by the USA (United States). This will give you access to well:
* A list of free books (Best Sellers)
* A classic literary theme
* Or has books to 1 percent (cheap my brother)

It must be done, because if you are in non-US and you download a free book ($ 0.00), Amazon will tax you still costs $ 2. By cons, if you configure your Amazon account and your soft transfer in U.S., you will not pay the $ 2.

But I admit, the site is pretty messy, so be sure to find something you like, go Google with a query like this, which will give you a list of books offered. I put the word "Computer" but you can change what you want. Good and now that you know it, the killer question: How will we do for the Kindle Attitude farting when you do not Kindle? (Such as me)

Simple ... if you are equipped with an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the application on the AppStore Kindle and if you have your good old PC as the only friend there is a Windows application that does everything the same as the Kindle.


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